Critical questions to ask yourself if you are considering videoconferencing

If you or your company is considering video conferencing or need information on video conferencing, here are some questions you might ask yourself:

  • First questionIs it difficult to schedule meetings with the right people?   If this is a constant problem, your company could be in great need of video conferencing, especially if you have multiple locations.
  • Second question: Is the travel budget out of control? Look carefully at why people are traveling and what they are showing at a meeting.  Chances are many of the travel meetings can be converted to video meetings.
  • Third question: Are you missing project deadlines?  Video conference technology greatly accelerates the decision process through collaboration.  Video conferencing will certainly make the process of project completion more efficient.
  • Fourth question: Are sales people seeing key clients frequently enough?  More than 65% percent of the time, clients leave a vendor because of indifference or a lack of attention.  Video conferencing could be your corporate jet that travels at light speed to see key clients face to face.  Video conferencing could be the best client retention strategy in your company.
  • Fifth questionDo key people miss important meetings?  Usually the key people are not in the office —That’s why they are key people.   The big things are often accomplished away from the office.  Video conferencing with mobile access can certainly get your key people to every critical meeting.
  • Sixth questionAre there misunderstandings w/ clients or supply chain?  We tend to underestimate the power of non-verbal communication.  Just about every study done on this topic has about the same statistic 55% Body Language; 38% tone; only 7% content.  If you are old enough, you may remember the Nixon Kennedy debate that was televised and broadcast on the radio.  Those who heard this debate on the radio thought that Nixon clearly won.  Those who saw the debate on television thought that Kennedy clearly won.  Many of our clients, especially those who work internationally prefer a video conference over a teleconference because of the potential loss in communications.

If you think of any other questions or need information on video conferencing call us.  We will certainly listen. 330.677.5566.

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