How can I use videoconferencing is a sales application?

When it comes to implementing technology it seems that the sales department is always last.  Accounting, supply chain management, and business processes always seem to come first.  There is certainly nothing wrong with these priorities, however the video conferencing technology has enormous potential in the sales department.   The technology part is easy – The tough part is getting the sales people to use the technology.  Videoconferencing will not work unless there to total “buy in” from the sales staff and company management.   They need to be shown how they benefit — More sales, less travel, more time with their family, happier clients, more commissions, and better relationships with clients.  Once there is a total buy in from management and the sales department you are good to go and you will have a great chance to improve the efficiency and satisfaction of all the stake holders.

Now on to the technology and how to use it in a sales application — First don’t buy anything — yet.  There are a variety of videoconferencing services you can subscribe to.  Use it on a small smaller scale and get the sales team involved in the decision making process.  Most services and hardware vendors are more than happy to let you try before you buy.  This solution needs to bring two things – One, Simplicity and Two, reliability.  Once you have a solution in place start using it to make sales calls on existing clients who will certainly be more forgiving as you are a bit clumsy at first.  Also, existing clients will give you more straight forward feedback positive and negative.  Make sure the sales force uses the videoconferencing technology on calls they would otherwise make via travel.    The more the team uses the technology the faster they will see the benefits.  Now on to the prospects who will expand your business!

Everybody wins – Especially the clients and the customers they visit.  Clients appreciate the efficiency and the time saved at their end.  They don’t have to meet you in the lobby, ask if you want coffee, this could all be a bit of a headache for the clients.  We use videoconferencing as our sales application everyday and could not imagine not using it.    If you are considering videoconferencing in a sales application make sure the vendor selling you the technology is using it for the same application.  If not find a videoconferencing vendor who is – This is critical because if they don’t see the value themselves how can they show you the value for your sales application.

Download a free video conferencing app at: and call us to see how a mobile app can work in a sales application call, 330-677-5566We will send you credentials to our virtual room and we can meet.

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