How can videoconferencing impact your sales?

If your company has a sales department or sales staff and they travel to see clients, video conferencing technology can significantly accelerate their performance.

It seems the sales department is the last area for any technical innovation or implementation.  Accounting was first with software that can manage cash flow, purchase orders, inventory, etc.  An area like production, marketing or service got more attention because of the direct affect technology has on efficiency.  The first step to automate sales was contact management software, Like ACT,, Goldmine, etc.  Unfortunately more than 80% of these implementations failed in the early days.  Poorly planned roll outs and no real incentive for the sales force to use contact management was the cause.  Contact management is designed to certainly make things more efficient.  These systems were sold as time saver for management and the sales team — But what about videoconferencing technology saving time to see clients or prospects face to face?

What if your sales team could see clients and prospects face to face at light speed anywhere in the world?  And the best part, clients and prospects need no hardware or subscription to any third party software or application to meet with them on video.  If they are calling on the Fortune 1000, 90% of these companies already have videoconferencing end points in their conference rooms with video conferencing desktop sharing.  If they have a standards based system all they need is the video number and an appointment.  If the client or prospect doesn’t have videoconferencing all they need is a free standards based videoconferencing app.   There is one manufacture that has this — They make videoconferencing endpoints for the conference room with a free application accessible on the server.  A sales person only need to email an invite to the client or prospect with a link to their server, they in turn download the free app, enter their name and the password and our sales person is now in a face to face meeting with the client.

From this platform they video conference desktop share in real time and show video clips, PowerPoint or anything from their computer. They can also annotate over materials or activate a virtual white board, all without the client or prospects needing anything but broadband internet access and a computer or iPad.   This will certainly change the dynamic in the sales process.  Several of our clients closed their largest deals all through videoconferencing.  This will be the ultimate power tool for the sales department very soon.

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