What are the top considerations when implementing videoconferencing?

The number one consideration should be your specific application and how videoconferencing technology impacts your business and creates an advantage.  The second consideration is return on investment and how videoconferencing will pay for itself and contribute to your bottom line.

The first consideration is your application.  What is the driving force that compels your company to purchase videoconferencing technology?  Perhaps it is a specific problem or situation.

Here are some examples taken from real business scenarios:

  • Plant managers in various locations need to show problems on a large machine in real time to the vendor or machine maintenance supervisor.
  • Manufactures need to train reps and distributors on a new product quickly and they are spread all over the U.S. and Canada.
  • A key client needs your undivided attention on weekly basis and he is in Europe.
  • Field engineers need support in real time from the chief engineer at the home office.
  • There is a major opportunity to close a very large out of town account, but you can’t go there because you are needed at the home office.
  • Monthly management meetings with the regional offices are not affective over the phone and it’s too expensive to fly managers to the home office.
  • A healthcare facility has specialists who need to see patients in the regional clinics but their time is limited and they cannot drive to these clinics.
  • A law firm with several offices across the state and there is only one tax specialist in the firm and he needs to meet key corporate clients throughout the state.
  • Medical college professors need to meet with their student / residents spread around to hospitals all over the country.
  • A company needs to fill a key position quickly and the top job candidates are across the country.

The second consideration is the return on investment.  If you are considering travel time and travel expenses it’s very easy to calculate.  In fact we can send you the tool to do this calculation, (click here).  If you are analyzing increased productively, videoconferencing accelerates the decision process in any company or organization.  Think about how email and cell phones impacts your business processes.  Videoconferencing has a profound impact on productivity.

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