Lawyers and Videoconferencing — Here are three stories

Themis 3330Early in the development of videoconferencing, attorneys were a bit slow in embracing the technology.  Over time, however law firms became very adept at using videoconferencing.  Here are three stories whereby lawyers maximized the technology and really took advantage of the benefits.  In the legal field time really is money.  You will see how these law firms became a tremendous asset to their clients because they use video conferencing.

Story One — A law firm specializing in medical malpractice needs to consult with experts around the country.  They purchased a videoconferencing CODEC with multi-point capability to connect with clients and expert witnesses.  This firm made their purchase in the late 1990’s making them a somewhat early adaptor.  They expanded this use to include depositions.  Many court reporting firms around the country use videoconferencing making it even more convenient for depositions requiring a court reporter.

Story Two — One law firm spent more than $25,000 for videoconferencing in their conference room only to discover it only worked on one communication standard that was used in VoIP but not in videoconferencing.  A rude awaking occurred as they noticed they could not videoconference with anybody.  The problem was fixed when they used the Radvision Scopia hosted service that works on all videoconferencing standards and can seamlessly connect to any PC, MAC or mobile device. They can now connect to anybody, even those who do not have videoconferencing equipment.  Radvision’s Scopia saved the day. (Link to Scopia Video)

Story Three — A senior partner in a mid size law firm was on an extended trip abroad.  A critical deposition was already scheduled and to take place while he is away.  He was planning on flying back in the middle of his extended stay, just for the 2 or 3 hour deposition.  This consideration was eliminated easily with Radvision’s Scopia mobile app.  The attorney seamlessly connected to the law firm’s standards based videoconferencing system and attended with full participation in the deposition right from his tablet.  The firm saved thousands of dollars and travel, not to mention the cost of the attorney’s time. The only thing the traveling attorney needed was broadband internet access.  Security was no problem as the video call was encrypted.

We learned a lot from our legal clients.  When they meet the last thing they want to worry about is the technology.  Simple control and standards based videoconferencing certainly eliminates these worries and allows attorneys to conduct important meetings anywhere anytime.

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