Limited Budget – Used Videoconferencing Equipment?

If on a limited budget is it a good idea to buy used videoconferencing equipment?

Absolutely Yes!  — With all the new developments in video conferencing technology over the last 10 plus years, refurbished or used video conferencing CODECS still work great.  The ITU, (International Telecommunications Union), started establishing video conferencing standards years ago.  When you purchase used or refurbished video conferencing equipment you only sacrifice features like HD or high definition video,  and duo-video, sending two video streams to the far end simultaneously.  Duo-video means they see you and your presentation at the same time.  It’s no big deal not having this feature as you can always send your computer input as an alternative input and still be on a video conference.  Keep in mind as new equipment emerges it must be backward compatible with the older or legacy video conferencing equipment.

The key to buying used or refurbished video conferencing equipment is the source you buy it from —We don’t recommend eBay.  Buy from a reliable dealer or reseller who offers extended warranties and maintenance.   Additionally, certified resellers’ often flash upgrade the equipment with the latest firmware — Often upgrades are free of charge.

Another consideration is bandwidth.  Even with older standard based video CODECS clients experienced a tremendous improvement in video and audio quality on their refurbished video conferencing equipment by increasing bandwidth.   We have clients with refurbished or used video conferencing CODECS functioning reliably almost 10 years.  Our firm is more than 10 years old and we have never had used or refurbished videoconferencing CODEC returned because of a malfunction.

There are always used and refurbished equipment available as many larger firms lease endpoints for 3 or 5 years.  Distributors often purchase these units, clean them up, flash upgrade the firmware, and assemble new cabling and they are ready to go.  Today there is no reason not to have video conferencing in a small and medium sized enterprise.  There is ample inventory of reliable used and refurbished video conferencing equipment.

If you are considering video conferencing on a limited budget don’t rule out used or refurbished equipment. This option can be a great value with a very quick return on investment. Certainly call us as we can help you avoid painful mistakes in the process.  Call 330.677.5566.  You can also reach us by video at




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