One very brilliant company using videoconferencing to expand sales

One of our vendors in Canada manVFI_Showroom_Article_79ufactures furniture and fixtures for videoconferencing and multi-media technology.  The company is VFI, Video Furniture International.  If you go the home page of their web site prominently displayed is their public IP videoconferencing number with their business hours noted below the number. This company does not manufacture videoconferencing CODECS or software but they serve companies who resell videoconferencing technology. When you call the video number you go directly to their show room, and one of their staff members pops in and asks if they can help you.  It is obvious their staff is professionally trained to accept these video calls as they make everybody feel welcome and glad they called.  .

VFI is a business to business company.  They understand how to leverage videoconferencing technology where prospects and existing customers can just walk in, say hello and see the latest products.  Because they are using ITU, (International Telecommunications Standards); prospects can control their PTZ camera remotely and look around the show room.  You can easily assume VFI competitors are clueless on how to do this; it’s so simple yet brilliant on VFI’s part.  Their sales will certainly increase because they make themselves incredibly accessible for resellers, customers and partners through videoconferencing technology.  To quote Peter Drucker, internationally known business guru and author, “Marketing and innovation are the only two functions that build businesses that sustain paying revenue. Everything else is an expense.”   VFI’s use of videoconferencing technology clearly does both.

Another interesting innovation is VFI’s use of computer based videoconferencing. We received an email from Mike Skinner CEO and owner listing the email addresses of their sales staff, product designers and president. Here is the message in the email:    All sales staff now has high definition webcams installed and they all have videoconferencing apps.  To serve you better contact any of our reps to schedule a video meeting”   We can now meet our VFI sales rep face to face while we are waiting for our turn to go into the show room.

Those who manufacture and develop videoconferencing and unified communications technology can certainly learn from VFI’s example on how to best use videoconferencing technology.  Yet many still do not use it in developing new business, (Refer to article The companies making and selling video conferencing – Do they use it?.”  Videoconferencing becomes an exciting way to communicate when a non-videoconferencing company makes a modest investment either in hardware or hosted service. They find that a world of opportunity instantly opens up to them.

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