Should I buy videoconferencing hardware or rent the technology?


If your company is struggling with learning about video conferencing, need more information on video conferencing or its potential applications, there are many ways to rent the technology without any long term contracts or license purchase.   Renting the technology is always safer than making the wrong hardware purchase.  This gives your company the opportunity to experiment a bit and see where video conferencing fits best.  It’s like building a park.  See where people are walking by the areas of grass worn down to a dirt path.  That’s where you build your walk ways.  If you have a clear idea on how to best use video conferencing and specific applications in mind, it would be better to purchase the hardware.

Here are some things to consider.  First if your company chooses to rent — what do I rent, where do I rent it and how much does this cost?   Through international video conferencing room broker, Affinity Video Net you can rent conference rooms worldwide by the hour.  There is no long term contract and Affinity Video Net makes renting the technology very easy.  If you have a group who needs to meet with another group in conference rooms Affinity Video Net is the best resource.   Many recruiting firms use Affinity Video Net to interview potential job candidates. Candidates feel more comfortable in a professional setting like a conference room.  Recruiters also appreciate this environment.  Domestically, conference rooms rent for about $230.00 per hour.  Internationally locations rent from $300.00 to $800.00 per hour.  For information on video conferencing and information on Affinity Net go to:

If you need to meet one-on-one or with individuals at various locations for a management meeting consider renting time through a video conference bridge service.  Through a video conference bridge service you can video conference from the convenience of your own office.  All you need is a web cam, computer and broadband internet access.  Engineering consultants will use this service to show CAD drawings, PowerPoint or other computer input during the conference.  Many services require no contract and you can rent time by the minute or by the month.   You can rent each location or “port” for about $100.00 per month, 24/7 access or about $.85 cents per minute per location.

If your firm is still struggling on what to do we can meet in our virtual conference room.  We can offer 30 minutes of free consultation.  You can find out more information on video conferencing and bridge services by contacting us at 330.677.5566.

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