The companies making and selling video conferencing – Do they use it?

It seems obviousYou would be surprised.  Often they don’t use what they make or what they sell.   One manufacturer gave an update on their product line to resellers using WebEx.  A reseller pitching a major prospect on a large video conferencing deployment couldn’t meet with the prospect via their own video conferencing equipment because they did not use it.  Needless to say they did not get the account and lost it to a much smaller provider who did use it and in fact closed the deal on a video conference using their own equipment.  Do not buy any video conferencing equipment from any manufacturer or reseller who does not use the technology in their day to day operations.  How can they be of any benefit to your enterprise in video conferencing deployment when they clearly do not believe in the technology?  Frankly they have no business making or selling video conferencing technology if they don’t use what they sell.

Radvision_Yaniv_levi_iPad2_Scopia_Mobile_V3The first question any potential company should ask the manufacturer or reseller is — How do you use video conferencing in your day to day operations? The second question is — How has your organization benefited? A sales person selling video conferencing should have a public video number on his or her business card.  If they don’t, consider purchasing video conferencing technology from another vendor.  We purchase video conferencing technology every day from manufacturers and distributors.  We only work with companies that use what they sell.  It’s very easy to get things done and build solid working relationships with these companies.  It’s no coincidence that we get very good service with knowledgeable resources.  The best analogy we draw from is corporate aircraft.  Certainly you can bet that Gulfstream uses Gulftstream equipment in their fleet and Lear Jet uses Lear Jets in their fleet of corporate aircraft.  The sales person calling on large enterprises who can afford to buy them arrives at the appointment via their own equipment.

Our firm uses video conferencing technology every day.  We use the hosted service we sell, Scopia, to make sales calls and field service technical calls.  We use Aver and Radvision products in our board room.  In fact our boardroom is part of an international network of public video conferencing rooms for rent.   In our private office we have a separate desktop video codec with a dedicated public IP address to meet clients using our products.  Through the mobile apps we sell and the hardware we provide, we can meet via video with any client or prospect on a moment’s notice.  Clients can also call our office via video 24/7 to test their connections – And yes, our public video number is printed on the card.  Also printed on our card is our hosted service access for those who do not have video conferencing equipment.  Download our app at: and call us for the meeting room number.  We will show you how we use video conferencing technology in our day to day operations.

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