Videoconferencing for large National Associations – “Members Only”

Association_Article_76Any type of national association needs to constantly deliver new added value to attract and retain members.  It could be access to technical information; a database of other members; events; tradeshows; newsletters with articles on the latest innovations or networking opportunities — What about videoconferencing?  Some associations are taking a serious look at adding boardroom and mobile app videoconferencing as an added value for “members only.”   Associations with nationwide multiple offices have a tremendous opportunity in offering free videoconferencing as a member benefit.  Sharing information, resources and new ideas among members should be part of any association’s mission. What better way to do this on a national level than a videoconferencing network just for association members.

Imagine having membership in your professional association and with that membership you have the ability to meet with partners; potential employees; vendors; customers; or anyone critical to your business, free of charge via videoconference. This benefit is worth about $200.00 dollars an hour for one location or $400.00 per hour for two locations.  The association gains at the far end with added exposure to a new potential member who participates in the videoconference.

Another gain for the association is board member recruitment.  Associations need to retain and recruit quality board members. What better way to have a board meeting and to have it via videoconference.  The association saves a tremendous amount of time and money for board meetings.  Also, to attract new high level busy executives to their board, videoconferencing will give an association a tremendous edge as their time is valuable and indeed limited.

Associations can also make their videoconferencing network an added income stream. An association can register all their videoconferencing rooms with an international room broker.  The room brokers send their clients to these locations.  Room brokers charge an hourly fee for non-members and split this fee with the Association. The association only needs to reserve their conference room and offer the non-member participant a friendly welcome and hot cup of coffee.  The brokers take care of all the billing.  The association invoices the brokers against a purchase order. It’s very simple to develop a steady income stream with the equipment.

One association, BtoB Connect, offers its members free videoconferencing in their boardroom for any member.  Any national association will have a tremendous edge on attracting and retaining members by offering videoconferencing as a membership benefit.  Visit BtoB Connect at:

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