Videoconferencing – The ultimate amenity for office space

In almost 20 years in selling videoconferencing technology our clients are really teaching us how powerful it can be.  One of our clients is the Akron Global Business Accelerator in Akron Ohio.  The Accelerator is a state-of-the-art center serving as a catalyst for driving and developing technology-based entrepreneurial innovation. The nonprofit program was created as a cooperative partnership between the City of Akron, the Akron Development Corporation, the University of Akron and the State of Ohio. Today the Accelerator is helping high-tech organizations in leading edge industries including:  Biomedicine; Advanced Materials (Nanotechnology); Alternative Energy Sources; Information Technology; and Instruments-Control Technology.

SkyscrapersAccelerator partners converted the former Goodrich warehouse into usable office space.  When the videoconferencing system was installed, we suggested opening it as a public room for an additional income stream.  Our client respectfully disagreed and said they want to keep their video conferencing room as a no cost amenity for the tenants.  There was a grand opening and tour of the newly renovated facility in 2006.  Since then this is one of the most successful business incubator projects in the county.  Occupancy is busting at the seams, and they are planning expansion.  The videoconferencing room is used constantly.  Small tech companies can now meet face to face worldwide with customers, partners, vendors and those critical to their businesses.

We manage and maintain a pubic videoconferencing room in Independence, Ohio. Our partner is a financial consulting firm with sub-tenants in their office space.  This is a public room for rent; however they offer sub-tenants free videoconferencing.  Needless to say, they have no problems attracting high quality sub-tenants. When space is available it’s quickly rented after seeing the public videoconferencing room.

Any large office space with common conference room facilities has a major opportunity to offer tenants a no cost amenity like videoconferencing. This could be a powerful magnet to attract high quality tenants.  Additionally a common area conference room can be a public videoconferencing room for non-tenants.   Property managers can list the room with the international videoconferencing room brokers and develop a passive income stream, while offering tenants free access.  This will give the office building owner a clear and decisive edge over neighboring properties.  Many shared office space developments have videoconferencing, but this is charged as an a la cart item for the tenants. One popular example is Regus with almost 2,000 locations.

Property managers are missing a powerful amenity without a common videoconferencing room.  It has a profound impact on occupancy.

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