Videoconferencing – Way too much technology for the conference room?

Well it can be if you over automated or experienced a disconnect with your A/V integrator and those actually using the conference room, (See this article).  Videoconferencing in the conference or board room comes in two basic flavors.  One – computer based, or two a computer free CODEC.   Guess which one causes most of the problems and complicating things with way too much technology.  If you picked computer based you are correct.  Ask yourself if you ever had a problem with a computer.  In computer based videoconferencing when you have a computer problem you also have a videoconferencing problem which means a cancelled or postponed meeting.  If there is any A/V integration in the conference room this will certainly make things worse because you now have a central control system not controlling all the functions in the computer including the videoconference function.Woman with cables

Many companies are using hosted or cloud based videoconferencing in their conference rooms with computers and web cams. We are certainly big fans of cloud based videoconferencing, but to really leverage this though the conference room we recommend a computer free CODEC with a quality PTZ, (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), camera.  Additionally most videoconferencing CODECS come with a very easy to use remote that will accommodate most of the A/V components in conference room.  Think about your conference room speaker phone. The only question asked about the speaker phone is, “Do I need to dial 9” and you don’t need to boot up the speaker phone.  Videoconferencing should operate with the same convenient simplicity.

Videoconferencing can and should make things less complicated in the conference room.  A good start is making sure you use a computer free CODEC that is simple to use.  Second, implement a dedicated circuit that is not part of your network insures the best security and reliability, (See Worry Free Videoconferencing).  Third, once your flat panel display is connected and working with the computer free CODEC, hide the flat panel display remote.  These simple steps will eliminate every problem you ever had in presenting or videoconferencing in your conference room.

One manufacturer solved the problem of too much technology and developed a reasonably cost and easy to use CODEC, (See this video link). The remote control interface can be loaded on your smart phone making is even easier to connect, collaborate and present. You can even share content from your smart phone wirelessly on the videoconference.  The last thing a participant needs to worry about is the technology.  There is enough to be concerned with just meeting.   If the technology gets in the way of communication, it’s either the wrong technology or too much automation.

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