Why is maintenance important in video conferencing?

Unfortunately some clients learn about maintenance on their video conferencing equipment the hard way. They get used to routinely using the technology and all of a sudden their system doesn’t work.  Or they haven’t used their system for months and when they have a critical meeting it doesn’t work. More often than not this is a network issue and not related to any problem in the CODEC / video conferencing unit.  There are times though when there is an issue with the CODEC.   Often this is a simple configuration adjustment and can be remedied quickly – But who do you call?   That’s where the maintenance comes into play.

If you are working with a well established and reliable dealer or reseller they will certainly support the equipment beyond the maintenance in any event.  However, if there is an issue that is more than a simple tech-support call, it’s always a good idea to review your maintenance contract and consider extended maintenance.  Most manufactures require one year, but often extended programs will cover any down time including replacement loaners while your unit is being repaired.  This part of the extended maintenance is called “Advanced replacement.”  If your organization likes to lease capital equipment you can certainly role required and extended maintenance as part of the lease.  Keep in mind manufacturers come and go.  Make sure you purchase from a well established manufacturer with a long track record.  The extended maintenance does no good if the manufacturer is out of business.

Look at your maintenance program as “Conference Insurance.”   Also, keep your maintenance contract handy and with easy access, so when the unforeseen happens’ you know who to call and what they can do for you.  In some cases you can purchase extended support and maintenance on used equipment.  If fact some companies, manufacturer certified, offer one year maintenance and support on used and refurbished equipment.  If you are considering video conferencing with a limited budget don’t rule out used or refurbished equipment. This option can be a great value with a very quick return on investment. Certainly call us and we can help you avoid painful mistakes in the process.  Call 330.677.5566.  You can also reach us by video at




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